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The Holidays section allows the admin to add specific holidays dates to a particular store. The configuration can be done for multiple stores at once.

To create holidays, navigate to STORES → Store Locator → Holidays

Manage Holidays Grid

All the existing holidays are stored in this grid where the admin can capture basic information about store holidays. Moreover, you can filter and search for necessary holidays, apply multiple actions, hide/show columns, export grid or edit inline.

ID - shows the Holidays ID.

Name - displays the holidays title. The title is available for the admin in the Backend and customers on the Frontend.

From date / to date - defines the store holiday days, when the holiday starts and ends. 

Created - when the holiday is added. 

Action - allows applying the multiple action such as removing. 

To remove multiple holidays, do the following:

  • Click on the select-box next to a necessary holiday.
  • Then select Delete in the Actions.
  • A confirmation dialog will appear, select OK to continue deleting.

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