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Restricting Sections of The Content

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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code.

Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use | Finding ID of Post/Page/Other Content

What is This Feature

Version 2.1.3 introduced a shortcode to restrict sections of the content.

If the user is not a subscriber, they will see a "Restricted Section" box instead of the locked content. A paybox will be triggered at the end of the content.

How It Works

The subscription model setting applies to this shortcode.

  • "Pay per each post" - users have to activate subscription for each post. 
  • "Pay per pricing group" - users have to activate subscription once for pricing group and they will have access to all posts associated with this pricing group.
  • "Pay per pricing group or single post" - users can see both subscription options mentioned above on every post or page. (Feature added in version 2.0.7).

Learn more: Settings - Subscriptions Settings (General Tab)

How to Use the Shortcode

Locking the content is easy. Simply surround it with the shortcode, as shown:

[cmppp_restricted] any content [/cmppp_restricted]


You can use the shortcode many times in the same content. The following is an example of the Back-End: 

And the resulting Front-End:

Elementor Limitation

When using the Elementor page builder, it's necessary to use this shortcode to block any page on top of assigning the post to a price (see How To - Assign a Post to a Price/Subscription (Video).

This limitation is due to Elementor not using the _content hook.

Customizing the Text

You can customize the text of the restricted section box:

To do so, navigate to the  Admin Dashboard → CM Pay Per Posts Pro → Settings.

Then click on the  Labels tab.

There are two relevant labels:

  • restricted_shortcode_heading - default is "Restricted Section"
  • restricted_shortcode_content - default is "Only subscribed user would be able to view this content."

Cusomizing the Boxes and Checkout Button

The following feature was introduced in version 2.4.3.

You can customize the appearance of the Restricted section box, Paybox and Checkout Button.

To change the style navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Pay Per Posts Pro → Settings → Styles tab.

There are two sections - section Paybox for configuring the style of Paybox and Restricted section box, and the second section is for configuring the style of the Checkout Button.

Learn more: CM Pay Per Post (CMPPP) - Settings - Styles

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