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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code.

Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use | Finding ID of Post/Page/Other Content

One of the major features of the CM Download Manager plugin is the ability to show customized or full lists of downloads, as well as download buttons, on any post or page of your site using our supported shortcodes!

The updated list of supported shortcodes is always available from the plugin admin menu as shown in the screenshot below.

In order to include a specific download in any of the CMDM shortcodes, you will need to know its download id. The download id can be found in the user dashboard next to the download name.

Available Shortcodes

Notice: Shortcodes are case-sensitive.
  • Index page - [cmdm-index]

    Example with additional attributes:

    • Show only category "Games" in the table view, without category selection - [cmdm-index cat="games" view="table" showcategories="0"]
    • Show only tags "zip file" and "PDF" in the categories view - [cmdm-index tag="PDF" view="tiles"]
    • Show files sorted by views, limited to 3 - [cmdm-index limit="3" view="category" sort="rating" showcategories="0" sortbar="0" viewoption="0"]
    • All attributes - [cmdm-index view="tiles|list|category|table" viewoption="0|1" sortbar="0|1" search="0|1" header="0|1" showcategories="0|1" author="slug 1, slug 2" cat="slug 1, slug 2" tag="slug 1, slug 2" sort="post_title|post_title_desc|post_modified|newest|rating|downloads|views|menu_order" limit="5" alldownloads="0|1"]


  • Files list[cmdm-files-list] (This shortcode has been described in details in the separate article)

    Examples with additional attributes:

    • Show only category "Software" in the list view - [cmdm-files-list category="software" view="list ]

    • Show only tags "zip file" and "PDF" in the categories view - [cmdm-files-list tag="zip file, PDF" view="categories"]
    • Show all files sorted by views and with the search bar - [cmdm-files-list search="1" sort="views" ]
    • All options [cmdm-files-list category="category-1, category-2" tag="tag-1,tag-2" view="list|categories" filter="0|1" search="0|1" categoryfilter="0|single|twolevel" datefilter="0|1" userfilter="0|1" tagsfilter="0|1" toggletree="0|1" usercontrols="0|1" author="slug 1, slug 2" sort="post_modified|newest|rating|views|downloads|post_title|post_title_desc|manual" recursive="0|1" limit="10" page="0|1" upload="0|1" permalink="0|1" scroll="0|1" details="0|1" urlfilter="0|1" showauthor="0|1" emptycategories="0|1" query="search" showdate="0|1" customfield="0|1" ]
  • Downloads List -[CMDM-list]

    Example with additional attributes: [CMDM-list count="5" category="cat-name" sort="desc"]

  • Link to the download list page with predefined filters - [cmdm-files-list-link]

    Example with additional attributes: [cmdm-files-list-link url="page with cmdm-files-list shortcode" category=slug tag=tag search=term separatelink=0]

Download Page Elements

  • Simple download button - [CMDM id=312624]

  • Download page header with screenshots area - [CMDM-header id=312624]
  • Download page tabs content - [CMDM-content id=312624]

  • Download details block - [CMDM-details id=312624]

  • Download button block - [CMDM-download id=312624]

  • Top Downloads -[CMDM-top-download]

    Example with additional attributes: [CMDM-top-downloads count="5" category="general"]

  • Frequent Contributors - [CMDM-frequent-contributors]

    Example with additional attributes: [CMDM-frequent-contributors count="5" category="general"]

  • Related Downloads - [CMDM-related-downloads]

    Example with additional attributes: [CMDM-related-downloads count="5" sort="desc"]

  • Categories tree - [cmdm-categories-tree view=(tiles|list|category)]

Forms Shortcodes

  • Upload form[cmdm-upload-form]

  • Login form as seen in the CMDM Login Form widget -[cmdm-login-form]<br>Example with additional attributes:  [cmdm-login-form logout_btn=1 redirect_to=""]
    • logout_btn - if set to 1, shows logout button for succesfully logged users. Default value: 0.
    • redirect_to - allows to redirect logged user to certain url. Importany: you can use only urls under your website.

User Shortcodes

  • User's download log - [cmdm-my-logs limit=5]
  • My downloads - [cmdm-my-downloads]

    Example with additional attributes: cmdm-my-downloads edit=1 delete=1 search="string" limit=5] - displays a table with the current user's downloads, the same as displayed on the user's dashboard page

  • Downloads history log [cmdm-my-download-history] 
    The shortcode allows you to display detailed downloads history of logged-in users only, or both the logged in and guests. 

  • Video Lessons integrated videos statistics - [cmdm-cmvl-stats]

    Example with additional attributes: [cmdm-cmvl-stats channelname=download|video channelpermalink=download|video onlyrelated=1]

    Requires Video Lesson Manager

    WordPress LMS Video Lessons Manager Plugin

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