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After installing the CM Download Manager, the admin can quickly and easily change the access permissions to specify which users can view and download the files in the download manager. 

The admin can also restrict access to downloads based on user roles. For example, you could allow only users who are also editors to submit downloads. Or, you could limit the viewing of downloads to those users who have logged in. 

To adjust the access permissions settings, first, navigate to the Access and Moderation tab in the plugin settings.

Under the Access section, the admin can choose who can:

  • Add downloads
  • View downloads
  • Use preview and media player
  • Download files
  • Approve new downloads
  • Use the "Browse WP upload dir" (server-side file browser) on the upload page

The options depend on each permission, and can include:

  • If you choose the option "Users from specific user groups", you will then be prompted to select the user groups you would like to give access to.
  • You can choose to let the download author decide who has access to his/her download. This means that the "Add Download" form will include a field where the author chooses who can view/download the file. 

Admin Access Only

You can restrict viewing subscriber's downloads by enabling the option  Allow only admin to view subscriber's downloads - so, only admin can see all downloads, and every subscriber can see only his own downloads and noone's else.

If on some reason your admins don't have enough rights to to edit subscriber downloads, they still can be able to delete these downloads if the option Allow admin to delete files even if he can't edit it is enabled. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.4.5.

Access Denied Page

Still in the Access section, you can choose where users without access will be redirected to when trying to access blocked content.

Creating Categories

Below the admin can allow users to create their own download categories on the upload page. Additionally, the admin can opt to use the custom WordPress page for the "Access Denied" view. 

Permissions For Each Category

It's possible to restrict certain roles from adding, editing and deleting files for each category. To do this, simply edit the relevant category. Check the specific guide for more information.

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