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If you've installed the plugin and you're experiencing severe problems with the site on the plugin related pages (Glossary Index Page, Term Pages etc.) then it's very likely a server-related problem you're facing.

In cases like this you should go to WordPress Admin Dashboard, find the plugins menu item and check the User Guide link. Under this link among other things you can find a System information table allowing you to see most of the System prerequisites for the WordPress Glossary plugin to work correctly.

Checking system information - Tooltip Plugin WordPress
Checking system information

If you are seeing errors listed in red and if you are not sure how to solve them, contact your web admin or your web host for help.

For general performance and security, always keep your WordPress Version up to date. Secondly, it is also important that you use one of the latest stable PHP versions. 

From April 2019, WordPress will no longer support PHP version 5.2, and recommends using version 7.3. WordPress.org has an excellent page with information about why and how you should update your PHP version.

If everything from the list above is OK, and you still are facing problems, here's a couple of additional things worth checking:

  • PHP module, "php-xml" needed to be installed. It is not installed by default for PHP version below PHP 7.0.
  • The session.save_path has to have proper permissions and/or ownership.
    • Locate the sessions folder on your server. 
    • Locate and open your php.ini file.
    • Make sure that the session.save_path is correct and save the changes if needed.

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