Multi User Magento 2 - Adding Nested Sub-Accounts

Adding Nested Sub-Accounts

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Starting from MultiUser M2 v.1.2.1, it's possible to create nested sub-accounts.

What are Nested Sub-Accounts

Nested sub-accounts are organized under sub-accounts. 

The following graphic shows a possible organization with the master account (level 0), two sub-accounts (level 1) and several nested sub-accounts (levels 2 to 4).

MultiUser M2 allows the admin to create as many levels of accounts as you wish.

Enabling Nested Sub-Accounts

To enable nested sub-accounts, follow the path  Stores → Configuration → CMINDS → Subaccounts Configuration → General Options. There you will see the "Allow Nested Subaccounts" option.

Customer Account (As Parent Account user)

Allowing nested sub-accounts will enable the "Can Manage Subaccounts" permission when editing a sub-account:

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