Multi User Magento 2 - Parent to Subaccount Information Adoption

Forcing Subaccounts to Adopt Parent Account Information

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Within the Subaccount permission settings, the administrator can choose whether Subaccounts can have their own details or whether they should be forced to adopt details from their parent account, for certain details. These details include Company Name, VAT information, and Addresses.

Navigate to Customers → All Customers then select the Masteraccount that the subaccount falls under itself or click on it in the Parent Customer column in the Customers grid. Inside the Parent, the Customer opens the Manage Subaccounts tab and identifies the Subaccount which is to adopt the Parent account details. Click on the chosen subaccount.

The Edit Subaccount view will open. From the tabs on the left choose the Permissions tab. Scroll down to the force Parent information options.

  • Force Usage Parent Company Name - Checking this option forces the Subaccount to adopt the Company name of the Masteraccount that it is nested under
  • Force Usage Parent VAT - Checking this will force the Subaccount to adopt the VAT information of the Masteraccount under which it is nested
  • Force Usage Parent Addresses - This option forces the adoption of the Shipping and billing addresses of the Parent Masteraccount

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