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Alternative Meanings To One Term

Starting from CM Tooltip Glossary version 3.7, it's possible to assign multiple meanings to the same term. This is present only in the Pro+eCommerce and Ultimate editions.

This feature can be useful for complex glossaries and to address ambiguity.

Enabling Alternative Meanings

To enable this feature and edit its settings, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → General Settings → Alternative Meanings Settings.

The options on this page are self-explanatory: enable or disable the feature and display it on term pages and tooltips.

Creating a Duplicate Term

The plugin handles multiple meanings as duplicate terms.

So, to create a new meaning, simply create a new term with the same title as the previous one. WordPress will notify you that the post is a duplicate.

An example of this message:

Each duplicated term works as an isolated tooltip and can be edited accordingly.

Tooltip With Multiple Meanings

The tooltip will show all possible meanings:

Each meaning will be separated by a number for easier reading.

Important notes:

  • About the tooltip size - While having extra meanings means the tooltip will have more content, it will still respect the maximum length defined in the settings. To learn how to modify this, refer to the Style Guide
  • About the term names - Duplicate terms have to have the same title. So changing a term's title will separate it from the other meanings and make it independent.
  • About the order of the meanings - The different meanings are ordered by date of creation, in ascending order. That means that newer terms will be shown first. 

Term Page With Multiple Meanings

The Term Page will show the new items grouped under the header " Alternative Meanings":

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