Multi User Magento 2 - Configuration (Parent accounts)

Configuration (Parent Accounts)

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To set up the extension, log in as Admin and go to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS → Parent Accounts Configuration.

General Options

  • Allow Parent Accounts to Manage Subaccounts - Allow the Parent accounts to manage subaccounts. This means creating new subaccounts or editing or deleting existing subaccounts.
  • Amount of subaccounts to show - Limit the amount of subaccounts shown. Accounts are sorted by creation date, so newer accounts after the limit will not be shown.
    This can be useful when the list is too big.


    • Setting has value 15.
    • Master account has 15 subaccounts
    • New account is created (16th)
    • This 16th account is not shown, as it's a higher number than 15
  • New Parent Accounts Need to Be Approved By An Admin - Require the admin to to approve new parent accounts.
  • Use Text Input Instead of Dropdown For Subaccount Field - Affects how to select a parent account for an account.

New Customer Accounts Options

  • New Customers Become Parent Accounts - Determines whether or not a newly created Customer Account can manage create and manage subaccounts.

Order Approval Requests

Parent Accounts Receive All Order Approval Request Notifications - determines whether or not the Parent account user will receive Order Approval requests for all order requests.

Create Order After Approval - allows creating orders automatically after approval.

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