Multi User Magento 2 - Configuration (Parent accounts)

Configuration (Subaccounts)

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To set up the extensions, log in as Admin and go to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS MULTI USER ACCOUNTS → Subaccounts Configuration → Parent Accounts Configuration.

Allow Parent Accounts to manage Subaccounts

The first Configuration option for Parent Accounts toggles whether or not the Parent accounts on the site can or cannot manage subaccounts. This means creating new subaccounts or editing or deleting existing subaccounts.

New Customer Accounts Options

This second option determines whether or not a newly created Customer Account is made a Parent account by default.

Should Parent Account Receive All Order Approval Requests Notifications

The third and final Configuration option for Parent accounts determines whether or not the Parent account user will receive Order Approval requests for all order requests.

This can mean that only other subaccounts with permission to approve order approval requests and not Parent users.

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