Multi User Magento 2 - API Installation (restAPI)

Installation of API

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To install the ReST API the developer will need session tokens for authentication. The documentation for the initial setup of the ReST API can be found by following this link.

Having obtained the necessary handshake tokens, the following four PHP scripts ( get them here) must be added to your site's root directory:

  • checklogin.php
  • endpoint.php
  • login.php
  • OauthClient.php - You have to update in this file every Magento-host occurrence with your Magento installation URL


Navigate to System → Integrations, then click on "Add New Integration".The following New Integration form will open, fill it out with your own information like so:

  • Name - Whatever Name you like
  • Email - Whichever Email you'd like to use
  • Callback URL - http://your_magento_url/endpoint.php 
  • Identity link URL - http://your_magento_url/login.php
  • Your Password - The Admin password you logged in with

Click on the Second "API" tab and choose which resources the API will have access to. Choose "Customers" as shown. Click "Save".

Now, to activate the Integration click on "Activate". Then click on "Allow".Then finally in the popup that appears click "Login", it is not necessary to enter log in credentials.

If you were successful, the status of the Integration will now have changed to "Active".

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