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Getting Started - Setting Permalinks

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Step 1) WordPress Settings Permalinks

Adjusting the settings for your WordPress site's permalinks is a great way to troubleshoot! Before using CM Answers, make sure your WordPress Permalinks settings are set correctly to “Post Name” or to a “Custom Structure”, for example. If the permalink is set to "default", CM Answers may not work well and will render 404 errors.

To access Permalink Settings, navigate to Permalinks under Settings in your WordPress admin area.

Next, make sure to make the Permalink Common Settings either "Numeric", "Post name", or a Custom Structure, for example. Be sure to change the settings from the default. 

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Step 2) Answers Settings Permalinks

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Answers Pro → Settings → General tab. The needed options are:

  • Answers permalink - By default, the plugin users "answers". Example:

    Change this field to modify it.
  • Categories URL part - By default, the plugin uses "categories". Example:

    Change this field to modify it. 

    Example: change to "topic" to get
  • Include the category to the question URL - Enable it if you want a category slug to be included to the questions permalink. If the question doesn't belong to any category, then it's category slug will be "uncategorized". Note: this option was introduced in version 4.7.0.

    When the option is disabled:

    When the option is enabled and the question belongs to a category:

    When the option is enabled and the question doesn't belong to any category:

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