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Access Control

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Navigate to  Admin Dashboard -> CM Answers PRO -> Settings.

Click on Access and Moderation tab.

Basic Access Control

  • Who can (...) - set permissions to users and roles: who can see questions/answers, which roles can can post questions/answers etc. 

  • The options in the dropbox are 
    • Everyone - This includes also anonymous or non-logged in user
    • Logged-in users which reffer to all roles
    • By Role - once choosen you will be able to select the specific roles which are granted permission

  • Once selecting the By Role option from the dropbox, You can select multiple roles by holding the shift key while clicking on the desired roles

Expert System Support

  • Show unanswered questions only to experts - You can restrict visibility of the unanswered questions and possibility to post answer only for experts assigned to the question's category. 
  • Question author also will be able to display his question. After the first answer will be posted, the question will be visible including previous question visibility options.


  • Which roles can post content with full HTML support - Other roles' posts will be filtered from HTML tags containing URLs, scripts and unsupported tags.

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