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With access control, you can control which user and which WordPress specific role that can view, edit and post questions, answers and comments.

Navigate to  Admin Dashboard  CM Answers PRO  Settings.

Click on Access and Moderation tab.

Basic Access Control

  • Who can (...) - Set permissions to users and roles: Who can view questions/answers and can post questions/answers etc. 

  • The options in the dropbox are:
    • Everyone - This includes also anonymous or non-logged in user.
    • Logged-in users which reffer to all roles.
    • By Role - once choosen you will be able to select the specific roles which are granted permission.

  • If you select the By Role option from the dropbox, you can select multiple roles by holding the shift key while clicking on the desired roles:

Expert System Support

  • Show unanswered questions only to experts - You can restrict visibility of the unanswered questions and the possibility to post answers to the experts assigned to the question's category. The author of the question will also be able to see the question. After the first answer has been posted, the question will be visible to everyone according to the settings. Note: this option is not available in the plugin since the version 4.5.4 - the option was transferred to CM Answers Experts Add-on and available there since the version 2.1.0.


With these settings, the administrator can choose whether or not to auto-approve new questions, answers and comments. You can also auto approve content from specific users.

Simulate WordPress comments when a question is added - By enabling this option, you can use external spam filtering functions for comments (e.g. Akismet).


Starting from version 4.6.2 you can set the limits for the amount of posted questions and answers per day/week/month:


  • The number that you put in the field must be positive
  • The number for the day limit must be less than for week and month limits.
  • The number for the week limit must be greater than for day limit and less than for month limit.
  • The number for the month limit must be greated than for day and week limits.
  • Set "0" for any field to disable it.
  • This feature works well only if Cron is activated on your WordPress.


  • Which roles can post content with full HTML support - Posts by roles that are not selected will be filtered from HTML tags containing URLs, scripts and unsupported tags.

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