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Adding Tags to the Glossary Term

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The eCommerce edition of the WordPress Glossary plugin supports the addition of term tags for each Glossary term.

Why should I use term tags?

There are many reasons to use term tags, especially if you have a big glossary with lots of terms:

  • Firstly, they make it easier for your users to navigate between your glossary terms and find what they need.
  • They can be used as traffic boosters given that you select them based on SEO reasons.
  • Using shortcodes, they can be utilized to create several glossaries for different types of audience which may be using your website.

How do I add tags to my glossary terms?

Adding term tags is easy and is done from the tags metabox in the Term page while in edit mode, as shown in the image below: 


Tags metabox - Wiki WordPress Plugin
Tags metabox

How Do Tags Help Navigating The Site?

There are many ways to use tags to help users finding the most relevant tags.

1) Shown On The Term Page

You can add it automatically to the top or bottom of term pages.


Tags on the term page - WordPress as a Wiki
Tags on the term page

Learn more: WordPress Glossary Plugin (CMTG) - Terms - Display Categories and Tags of Terms

2) Shown On The Glossary Index (eCommerce Version Only)

In the eCommerce version, you can add the tags filter to the index.


Tags on the glossary index page - WordPress Internal Linking Plugin
Tags on the glossary index page

Learn more: WordPress Glossary Plugin (CMTG) - Index - Showing Only Relevant Tags & Categories

3) Each Tag Has a Page

Each tag automatically gets a page that works as an index, listing all terms associated with it.

You can link this page in other parts of your site.


Filtering terms by certain tag - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Filtering terms by certain tag

TIP: Different Permalinks

You can set the permalink of tags in the General Settings tab → Glossary Tags Permalink option. 

Changing glossary tags permalink - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Changing glossary tags permalink

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