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CM Reviews and Ratings is a highly customizable Wordpress rating / reviews / testimonials plugin that supports a star rating system for any post type (including custom ones), allowing your visitors to leave ratings or reviews for your products, posts/pages, portfolio, business, etc., while giving you full Administrative control over whether reviews should be published, hidden, or pend approval, and which reviews should weigh more in points than others. Reviews are always shown in descending chronological order.

Not only does our plugin cater functionality, we also make sure that you have full command over your Reviews and Ratings front-end interface; with customizable/unlimited color themes and labels for text shown on your Review form. Everything is easily customizable from the CM Reviews and Ratings Settings page!

Feature Summary »

Below is a basic list of some of the features our plugin offers (for a more detailed guide of all the Settings and Options, please visit  CM Reviews and Ratings - Getting Started - Plugin Settings).

Google compatible - Ratings will show up on Google search results!

Front-end Ratings and Reviews

  • Two views: Classic and Tile
  • Customizable color theme
  • Customizable Author field (option to hide or display)
  • Customizable display format

Tile View

Classic View

Front-end Review / Rating Form

  • Customizable color theme (with a standard form design that will fit any website)
  • Customizable labels / text (all text seen in the form can be changed from the back-end)
  • Customizable display format (form can be on top or bottom of reviews, or show on click)
  • Customizable fields

Reviews and Ratings Management (in Metabox)

  • Option to disable reviews for a single post/page (or custom post type)
  • Option to delete reviews/ratings
  • Option to update review content and date
  • Option to set a origin field, viewable only by the admin
  • Option to hide and publish a review
  • Option to accept a review pending for approval

Administrative Settings

  • Option to allow users leave multiple users on a post/page
  • Option to allow multiple review submissions by a single user for a post
  • Option to moderate reviews before publishing
  • Option to allow or disallow guests from to reviews and ratings
  • Option to define which user roles are allowed to rate posts
  • Option to block specific user IPs from leaving reviews and ratings

Dashboard Alert and E-mail Notifications

  • Option to enable Admin Dashboard notices about new reviews.
  • Option to enable Admin e-mail notifications (for every new review pending moderation).
  • Option to enable User e-mail notifications (once his review is approved & published on the site).
  • Options to customize Notification e-mail content.

Phrasing / Language / Labels / Text Control

You have full control over the phrases / words being used by the CM Ratings and Reviews plugin on the front-end. 

Design and Interface

You have full control over your Ratings and Review form colors:

Color flexibility

Our Review form has a standard design that will fit any theme and website; professional, modern, trendy, and organic color themes - we cater to them all!

Spam Filter powered by ReCaptcha

  • Option to use ReCaptcha on front-end Review form to ward off robot submissions.

Shortcode support

Just use the shortcode [cmr_general] to display Ratings and Reviews anywhere on your site.


Statistics and charts are provided in the back-end filterable by date for ample Administrative monitoring, activity and rating analysis.

This just shows you a few of the features and functionality the CM Reviews and Ratings plugin offers.

To see a more detailed list of options, visit CM Reviews and Ratings - Getting Started - Plugin Settings for a complete run-through.

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