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For every post type that you have enabled the CM Reviews functionality for (set under the General Settings tab), a Reviews Metabox will show up inside the edit page for these posts in the Admin back-end of your Wordpress site.

You can manage reviews and ratings for a certain post by accessing the post itself from the Admin dashboard. Navigate to the post which you wish to manage reviews for, and scroll down to find the Manage Post Reviews box.

Manage Post Reviews (metabox)

The Manage Post Reviews metabox is where you can manage reviews submitted for the post/page you currently have opened.

Disable Reviews / Ratings for Post

You also have the option to disable reviews for a single post by clicking the option Disable reviews/ratings for current post found at the top of this section, as seen below:


In the Reviews table, you will find all the reviews submitted for the post. Here you can delete, edit, hide, publish and accept reviews. Below is a detailed description of each column:

Ratings will be color-coded from low (red), medium (orange) to high (green), as shown below:

Also, the Review ID is shown on top of the rating. The ID identifies each review and can be used inside shortcodes to embed that specific review on other parts of your website.

Author Column

The Author column will show the user name, e-mail, and the IP address of the user who submitted the review:

Edit Custom Fields

It's possible to edit name and email and, starting from version 2.69, also custom fields.


The column Image shows the picture which the user attached to his review (if it's enabled in plugin settings).

Video Link

The column Video Link shows the video link which the user provided in his review (if it's enabled in plugin settings).


The Status column shows the review's current status. There are 3 statuses: Published, Hidden and Pending.

A published review is visible on the front-end, a hidden review is not, and a pending review awaits an Administrator's approval to publish it on the front-end. (Once "accepted", the review's status will be updated to Published.) The Administrator has full control over what reviews to show on the front-end.

Delete Button

Click the Delete all reviews button to delete all reviews for this page/post. Warning: this option cannot be undone!

"Add New Review" Form

And at the bottom, you will find an " Add New Review" form which you can use to add a new review and rating for the current post. The Author field in this form is customizable if you don't want to use your user account details when creating the review. We highlight two fields of note:

Here you can add title and review, set the publish date and time, write the origin of a review, and provide an image and video.

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