Appointments Booking - Creating Calendars

Creating Calendars

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The appointment booking plugin can host an unlimited number of calendars each managing a different schedule. 

To create a calendar, you need first to go the plugin admin menu and click on Calendars.

On the calendars menu, (which is using WordPress taxonomies dashboard) you can see existing calendars and create a new one.

You can also edit or delete an existing calendar.

Calendar Properties

For each calendar, you can define the name, slug (which is later used to identify the calendar in the shortcode), the number of spots, the calendar moderator email to which all booking notifications will be sent and the session length.

  • Events Duration - The duration of each event.
  • Minimum hours to book ahead of current time - The booking ahead parameter determines how much time in advance can a booking take place from the current time. This is set in hours. For example, if it is set to 24, a booking can be booked only within a day from the current time.
  • Ignore DST - Input "1" to ignore daylight saving time.
  • Booking Spots - How many spots each event will have.
  • Automatic booking - You should also decide if the calendar accept booking automatically or require moderation and approval for each booking.
  • Hide timezone dropdown - Check to hide the timezone selector (Feature added in version 1.3.4)
  • Default timezone - Choose a default timezone (Feature added in version 1.3.4)

Adding the Calendar

To embed the calendar into a post or a page, use the shortcode.

[cm_event_booking_calendar calendar=CALENDAR-SLUG]

Make sure to use the calendar slug and not name. Learn more about shortcodes: Appointments Booking - Shortcodes.

Minimum Time to Book

When the calendar has minimum hours to book set, all slots which are falling into the current time and the minimum hours will be marked with a specific label set in the labels section and will also have the color set in the colors section

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