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Calendar Availability

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For each defined calendar you can set the available days in the week and the hours per each day in which appointments can be set.

You can also set days which are closed for booking. 

To set the calendar availability go to the Schedule section in the plugin admin menu.

And choose the calendar you want to set or change the availability slots.

You can then mark the days and hours in each day in which booking is available by simply dragging the mouse over the available hours and making sure they are colored in blue.

You can also adjust the schedule grid granularity to the session length period - to make sure the granularity of the schedule matched the session length set in the calendar setting.

If for some of the marked days it will be not possible to set appointments, you can define the days in which booking will not be possible. To do this please visit the "Days Off" tab.

And add an additional date from the calendar view.

And make sure you save the changes.

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