Appointments Booking - How To - Display Short Info About Booked Slots On the Front-End

How To Display Short Info About Booked Slots On the Front-End

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Note: the feature covered by this guide was introduced in version 2.3.3.

It is possible to display short info about booked slots on the front-end - email of the person who booked it and a note which were entered in the booking form. It can be useful, when you have some community and you want it's participants to know, which member booked the appointments.

Front-end Example


Make sure that you know what you're doing when you use this feature in order to avoid leaking the personal information of your clients. It's better to lock the page with this calendar by password and let it know only to trusted people. You can also add a disclaimer to the booking form to let your clients know that their personal information can be visible to other participants. The disclaimer can be added to the form using a form builder. Learn more about it: Appointments Booking - Calendars - Forms

Check also this guide: General Support - GDPR And Data Privacy

How to Enable This Feature

This feature can be enabled specifically for each calendar. To do this, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Appointments Booking Pro → Calendars.

Choose the calendar where you want to display short info on the front-end and click Edit.

Find and enable the option Show tooltip with additional information on booked slot. Have a note that this option works only if the amount of Booking Spots equals 1.

Don't forget to save the settings after editing by clicking the button Update.

Result On the Front-End

Now this calendar will show on the front-end a tooltip for each booked slot.

Clicking on this tooltip will show a box with Additional Information: Email and Notes provided by the person who booked the slot.

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