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The appointment booking supports two shortcodes. 

1) Calendar

  • Shortcode[cm_event_booking_calendar calendar=CALENDAR-SLUG]
  • Use: Shows the front-end view of the calendar defined in  the " calendar-slug" .  This shortcode can be used on any page or post.
  • Parameters
    • calendar - Defines which calendar will be shown. Identify it by the slug.
    • min_date - (optional) the earliest possible date available for making bookings.
    • max_date - (optional) the last possible date available for making bookings.
    • view_duration - (optional) the default view of the calendar. Accepts
  • Example[cm_event_booking_calendar calendar="my-booking-calendar" view_duration=week min_date="01.01.1970" max_date="01.01.2050"]
  • In the front-end

Note about the calendar slug: The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the calendar's name. If you need to find out the slug of a specific calendar, you can find it on the "slug" field of the Edit Calendar's page: 

The same page has another field which contains the full shortcode with the calendar parameter, for easier access.

2) Discussion Form  

  • Shortcode[cm_event_booking_discussion_form]
  • Use: Directs the customers to the discussion form page. 
  • Parameters: none.

How it works

The discussion form is used only when the calendar moderator is asking to discuss with the customer a specific booking request. 

Unlike the first shortcode which is per a specific calendar, the discussion form shortcode serves all calendars defined in the plugin settings. Once added to a page, the admin needs to visit the plugin Options and set this page as the default discussion page.   

The discuss button can be found when managing the bookings.
Once this request is sent, the customer receives a link which directs him to the page which includes this shortcode.
Once clicking on this link he sees the discussion form which let him respond and view all previous discussions related to this booking request.

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