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Scheduling Zoom Meetings Via Calendar

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What is This Feature?

It's possible to schedule Zoom meetings directly from Booking Calendar. 

Every new booking will generate a corresponding Zoom call.

What is Zoom

Zoom is a conferencing platform that supports audio, video and screen sharing. Learn more: Zoom


  • Only 100 meeting requests every 24 hours
  • Every calendar requires a unique Zoom app
  • The expiration time for the `start_url` field is two hours for all regular users.


In order to use this feature, you must following steps. 

1) Connecting Booking Calendar to Zoom

This step is required once per calendar.

Zoom Resource

Zoom as a detailed guide on this: JSON Web Tokens (JWT) - Build an App - Documentation

Below we list what's important to our plugin.

  • Access the Zoom JWT App Page. Choose Develop → Build App.
  • Log in with your Zoom credentials
  • If prompted over which app type to create, click Create on the app type JWT
  • Add a name (it's not important)
  • Fill the App details (these are also not important for the integration itself)
  • Copy the API Key and API Secret
  • Create or edit a calendar. You will se the fields Zoom API Key and Zoom API secret. Past the values there. The email should also be a perfect match.
  • You can test the connection by pressing the Test button.

2) Adding Zoom Info to Email Notifications

Don't forget to add the Zoom link to notifications, otherwise users will not receive it.

The placeholder {booking-zoom-link} will be replaced by the Zoom link attached to that booking.

Learn more: Appointments Booking - Appointments - Appointments Notifications

TIP: Calendars With and Without Zoom

Email templates apply to all calendars, whether they have Zoom integration or not.

In calendars without Zoom integration, the {booking-zoom-link} placeholder will show different labels. You can configure them from the Labels settings.

Admin - Finding The Zoom Link

The admin can review the Zoom link of all bookings at any time by simply checking its Details.

And then the Booking metabox, where the Zoom meeting link is located.

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