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Controlling the Question Submission Form

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The submit question form is an important component of the Q&A system and therefore it's location is important. You can control the appearance of the questions forms in several ways.

Question submission form within the question list

To control the question list appearance within the question list navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Answers Pro → Settings.

Click on Appearance tab and look for the index page section (the first section on this tab).

The options to control the question submission form are the following

  • Question form on top - Display the question form above the questions table (if enabled) or below (if disabled).
  • Question form on a separate page - If enabled, the question form won't be displayed on the index page. Instead CMA will display a link to the question page. The question form will be displayed on the separate page.

Using a Shortcode

Using a shortcode you can create a single page in which only the submit question form is located. To do this use the following shortcode:   [cma-question-form title=1 ]

Options to Control the Submission form

Open the Editor section under the plugin Appearance tab.

Here you can find several settings to control the look and feel of the submission form:

  • Show richtext editor - If enabled, the RichText TinyMCE editor will be used in the textarea of the form.
  • Show table button in rich editor - If enabled, you will be able to add tables in the RichText editor (TinyMCE).
  • Show table pop up properties in rich editor - If enabled, the table pop up properties will be shown in the RichText editor (TinyMCE).
  • Show toolbar in RichText editor by default - If enabled, the toolbar in RichText editor shows by default.
  • Add justify button to text align block - If enabled, the justify button in RichText  editor is shown.
  • Editor rows number - Adjust the height of the textarea.
  • Show markup box near question/answer form - If enabled, the box showing the markup and codewrap possibility will appear.

Below is an example of what the RichText editor can look like in the Answers form, with the markup box showing:

  • Enable JS limit - If enabled, information about the entered text length and the remaining allowed characters is shown below the input fields.
  • Limit for question title - Enter characters limit for a question title. This option works on the server-side even when the JS limiting is disabled. Enter 0 to disable.
  • Limit for question description  - Enter characters limit for a question title. Enter 0 to disable. It works on the server-side even when the JS limiting is disabled. Important: On the front-end this only works if the RichText editor is disabled.
  • Limit for answer - Enter characters limit for an answer. Enter 0 to disable.
  • Limit for answer comment - Enter characters limit for a comment to answer. Enter 0 to disable. 
  • Notification option checked by default - Make the "Notify me of follow" option on the question/answer form to be checked by default.
  • Submit button background color - Set the custom background for the submit button or leave empty to use default. Example: #66cc66.
  • Escape the <pre> tag content -If enabled, HTML code inside the <pre> tag will be escaped. If disabled, HTML code inside won't be escaped.
  • Allowed HTML tags and attributes - Enter a list of the allowed tags and their attributes. Separate tags with commas or new lines. Add attribute types next to the tag, separated by spaces.
    Example: a href title, img src, p style
  • Include class-wp-editor - Disable this option to not include the wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php file, if you are experiencing an issue with WP Editor on the CMA pages.

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