WordPress Glossary Plugin (CMTG) - User Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

User Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

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Note: this feature is available only in Ecommerce version.

This article lists any possible issues related to the WordPress Glossary plugin and user data privacy. The subject is closely tied with the GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation). 

This article covers this plugin only. For a general view, please refer to the guide General Support - GDPR And Data Privacy

Google Fonts

Possible Issue: Tooltip Glossary features Google Fonts as an optional setting.

When a Google Fonts font is requested by the user's browser, there is a direct connection between the user's browser and Google (Source: Frequently Asked Questions  |  Google Fonts  |  Google Developers).

It has been suggested that IP addresses are collected by Google during this, which, in GDPR's framework, could be considered identifiable user data. 


  • Google identifies itself as a "data controller" in this matter. GDPR considers the data controller as the main responsible party when it comes to user data. That means the burden, in theory, is not with the website administrator. 


    • Official statement from Google Fonts

      "...Google Fonts acts as a "data controller" for any personal data that Google processes in connection with your use of Google Fonts web and Android APIs..." (Available at GDPR compliance Issue #1495 google/fonts GitHub)

    • GDPR's take on "data controllers"

      "Generally speaking, the GDPR treats the data controller as the principal party for responsibilities such as collecting consent, managing consent-revoking, enabling right to access, etc. " (Available at Data Controllers and Processors – GDPR EU.org)

What Should I Do?

Administrators can turn off Google Fonts at any time. 

To do this, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Tooltip tab → Tooltip Styling section. 

There, make sure the option Tooltip font is set to default. This will turn off Google Fonts. Changing a font from the list will turn Google Fonts on again.

Option for choosing a font in tooltips - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Option for choosing a font in tooltips

Learn more about Tooltip Styling: Style - Change the Tooltip Style - CreativeMinds Products Documentation.

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