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How to Change CM Answers Theme Template

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CM Answers allows you to change your theme while continuing to upgrade versions of the plugin. 

Note: You will need to have some basic HTML/PHP knowledge in manipulating template files!

First, create a sub-directory named “CMA” inside your current theme directory. Inside this sub-folder, you can create a directory structure similar to the one that is inside the plugin directory “cm-answers/views/frontend/”.

Important: copy only those files which you want to modify and override.

CM Answers is a fully functional plugin for wordpress that uses a dashboard to manage the open and closed questions and moderated answers on your wp website.

Once CM Answers finds your CMA sub-directory inside your theme directory, it will be given priority over other files stored in the plugin directory under “cm-answers/views/frontend/”. 

If you would like to change the look & feel of the plugin or want to incorporate it into your custom theme, start by editing one of the following files: index.phtml (for Questions) or single.phtml (for Answers). Both files can be found inside the “CMA/answer” folder.

Note: Files are often updated in the plugin releases, so you need to compare the changes with your modified files in the theme directory after every plugin update.

Cminds designs and develops wordpress plugins that enhance your users' experience. Our cm answers plugin publishes a discussion forum on your wordpress website or blog.

Related Plugin Settings

In the plugin settings under Appearance tab and Miscellaneous section you can find related setting to override the option to use the CMA folder inside your theme folder in case it is used.

This is useful if you are troubleshooting or when upgrading a plugin version and checking for changes. 

It also includes the option to disable the app.css and including your own css file instead. 

  • Support template overriding - If enabled, the templates will be overridden by files in the "CMA" directory created in your theme folder.
  • Disable app.css - You can disable loading the app.css file. The custom CSS will be still attached.

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