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How to Change CM Answers Theme Template

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This feature requires experience with CSS and PHP. 

General Support - Advanced - Creating and Editing Custom Templates

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Why Do It?

CM Answers allows you to change your index and thread pages template while continuing to upgrade versions of the plugin. This gives you complete control over those pages.

Really Simple Example Of Changes

Required Plugin Settings

Some settings are required in order for the plugin to search and apply the custom theme.

Under the Appearance tab, set the template as CMA default to the pages where you will apply the custom theme.

Under the  Miscellaneous section, mark Support overriding as yes. This will make the plugin apply the custom templates if they are found available.

You can also disable the app.css to include your own css file instead. 


First, let's find the relevant files to be copied. They are located under  wp-content/plugins/cm-answers-pro/views/frontend/answer. Copy:

  • index.phtml (for Questions)
  • single.phtml (for Answers)
  • meta folder
  • widget folder

Now create the sub-directory “CMA/answer” inside your current theme directory. It should be under wp-content/themes/(active theme)/

Then, paste the files and folders there. 

End Result

The end result should be this:


The directory structure must be (active theme)/CMA/answer.

Different letter cases such as /cma/Answer will not work.

Editing Files

Now you can edit the files index.phtml (for Questions) single.phtml (for Answers). This requires experience with CSS and PHP. 


The example from the start of the article includes these simple changes to the index.phml file:

Learn more about editing templates General Support - Advanced - Creating and Editing Custom Templates

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