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The CM Answers plugin supports. This means that questions marked as “Sticky” by the administrator will always appear on the top of the question list. 

The admin can define a background color for sticky questions. To make a question "Sticky", the admin needs to edit the post related to the question and use check-box control to mark it as "Sticky".


How to Make a Question Stick

To set a question as "Sticky", the admin needs to edit the question from the Admin Panel and check the appropriate box.

First, navigate to the List of Questions.

Next, click on "Edit" for the Question you would like to make "Sticky". 

On the Question Edit Page, find the Question Properties box and check the "Sticky Question" box.

Setting the Sticky Question Background Color

First, navigate to the Appearance tab under the plugin settings.

Under the Table of Questions section, the admin can also set the background color for sticky questions. The color can be written either by name (green, blue, yellow etc) or by html format (#CCC, #0000FFF).

The sticky question will appear on the Questions page highlighted by the specified color.

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