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Extras - Using Tags

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With the CM Answers pro plugin, the admin can enable tags with multiple keywords for searching similar topics in your forum. 

After setting up tags, a textbox will appear whenever a user submits a question. Users will be able to specify tags related to the question submitted.

How to Enable Tags

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Answers PRO  Settings.

Click on Thread tab and scroll to the Questions section.

The admin can choose to enable tags in questions, so that users can add tags to any questions they post.

Below is an example of what the tags look like when they are added to a specific question:

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Adding Tags by User and Admin

User can add any tag he want to a question. The tag support auto-complete functionality so if tag already exists, the plugin suggest it.

Admin can remove or add tags from a specific question while editing the question from the admin dashboard

Tag Widget

In addition, a tag widget is also available with the CM Answers plugin. You can find the widget in your Widgets area under the Appearance Settings on the admin dashboard. 

Click here to see a list and description of all widgets available with the CM Answers plugin.

First, navigate to Appearance under the plugin settings on the admin dashboard.

This widget displays tags associated with posts on your forum. You can choose how many tags you want to appear in the widget:

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