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Using Ajax Display

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CM Answers supports the ability to use Ajax to display content. When set using a shortcode, the answer thread for a question will be show on the same page URL as the list of questions.

This has advantages related to load time and interaction and disadvantages when it comes to SEO. You can overcome the SEO issues by still keeping the auto generated question list page alive. This means that search engines will still index your sites questions while you can retain the Ajax based user interface. 

Using a Shortcode or an Auto Generated Index Page

When installing the plugin it shows the two methods to list of all questions above the tabs.

Auto Generated (1) - is the auto generated question page list. This list is using the template file defined by the plugin settings. This questions list has more configuration options but is less flexible in terms of design.

Shortcode based (2) - a shortcode generated question list. Referred as the frontend Ajax. The list will fit into every template your theme offer as it is more dynamic and adjustable. 

It is possible to suppress both list from the plugin settings:

There are a few additional options that let you configure using Ajax on your forum:

  • Enable AJAX call on filters - If enabled, then filters will work with Ajax call.
  • Enable AJAX call on question - If enabled, then questions will open with Ajax call.
  • Enable AJAX support on contributor page - This option allows you to disable AJAX support on contributors pages. By default, the option is enabled. If this option is enabled, when users click on a category or difficulty level on a contributor page, there will be loaded only question by the contributor page user. If the option is disabled, then clicking on a category or difficulty level on a contributor page will load questions by all contributors. Note: This option was introduced in version 4.6.3.


    When the option is enabled, we can see the questions of definite category by only one user:

    When the option is disabled, we can see questions of definite category by all users:

Modifying the Shortcode Ajax Support

Most shortcodes used in CM Answers have the option to turn the Ajax option on or off. This is done by adding the parameter ajax=1 or 0 to the shortcode. 

The default in most of this shortcodes are ajax=1 so to turn it off, add the parameter ajax=0 to the shortcode.

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