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General Usage

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Note on Migrated Orders

The extension has full Magento compatibility and might not work properly with orders generated from other platforms (such as Shopify or WooCommerce) and migrated to Magento.

Creative Minds True Edit Orders Extension allows you to easily edit an unlimited number of orders. 

To edit orders, navigate to Sales → Orders and choose which one you want to modify. 

When True Edit Order is enabled, the Edit link for each section will be available on the Order View, as shown in the screenshot below.

The extension also allows the admin to edit or add items to the order, by clicking on the Edit Item link on the top right of the Items Ordered section. 

Starting from version 4.2.13, it's also possible to change the name and description of the products, as marked:

Editing Orders vs. Shipment Information

Note that editing an order does not add any extra charges to the order. However recalculating shipping is an option, if this is necessary. Custom tax percentages can also be added. Read our specific guide about changing the shipping method and rates.

Tracking Changes

All changes are automatically saved in the Comments History section. Read our guide about Comments History.

Archived Orders

A grid with all archived orders is available under SalesArchived Orders.

It is possible to check all information of the order, un-archive or permanently delete it.

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