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The True Edit Orders Extension for Magento allows administrators to quickly edit Magento orders, eliminating the source of many syncing issues between Magento, CSRs, fulfillment systems, credit card processing, and accounting.

True Edit Orders Extension Features:
  • No Duplicate Orders: Eliminates duplicate orders upon editing, reducing issues between Magento, CSRs, fulfillment systems, credit card processing and accounting.
  • Edit Order Items: Remove, update quantity, change price and alter the tax class for any item in an order, or add a new item altogether.
  • Quick Existing Order Edit: Quickly edit existing orders (like billing and shipping, item information) directly from the Order Details page, saving time and effort.
  • Add Order Notes:  Automatically creates an order note annotating changes made, user, date / time stamp, and allows for optional comments.
  • Edit Order Status:  Ability to edit Custom Order Status while editing an order.
  • Recalculate Shipping: Shipping can be recalculated during order edit. Extension will show a list of newly calculated shipping methods.
  • Configurable Products Compatibility: Select item options from drop down when adding item to an order via True Edit Order.
  • Delete Orders: Permanently delete orders from database.
  • Archive Orders: Archive orders in bulk from sales order grid or in a separate grid page.
  • Archive Orders: Restore: Restore archived orders in bulk.
  • Archive Orders: Date: Auto Archive based on order date.
  • Archive Orders: Status: Auto Archive based on order status.
  • Duplicate Orders: Quickly duplicate orders
  • Edit Order Notes: Added ability to edit order comments
  • User Permission: Allow/Deny ability to edit orders based on user roles

For each edit, the module automatically creates a note detailing the changes made, appends the CSR's name, adds a date / time stamp, and also allows users to add order notes manually.

The following video provides an overview of the True Edit Orders Extension for Magento®.

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