True Edit Orders - Updating Shipping Information

Updating Shipping Information

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Creative Minds True Edit Orders allows the admin to quickly update and recalculate the shipping price for an order.

The Edit button for Shipping and Handling is located on the top of the respective field, just as with the other boxes. By clicking it, you will get a list of available alternatives for the current setting, as shown:

There, the admin can update the shipping method and also set a custom tax percentage.

What if the Shipping Methods and/or Rates have Changed?

If the shipping methods and/or rates were modified in a way that should affect this order, you can update it to reflect the change. 

To do so, click on the Get new shipping methods and rates link, at the bottom, as shown. 

This will update the fields accordingly enabling you to choose from the most relevant methods and rates.

Finally, remember to save!

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