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Plugin Overview

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Setting up

  1. Install and activate plugin.
  2. Go to the Admin Dashboard → CM Product Directory → Settings to set plugin options
  3. See the Shortcodes list to know what you can change to adjust plugin to your needs.

How The Plugin Works

Add Product

Go to Admin Panel/CM Product Directory and click Product and Add New or Add Product.

Fill in all fields, add Tags,  Categories and Additional Taxonomy Terms. Optionally you can also add Additional Links and Fields.

When finished click on Publish button to add new Product.


Plugin comes with three widgets listing latest Products or randomly picked and displaying product categories.

Category List

Category list generates list of plugin categories, tags and Additional Taxonomy terms with custom icons.

Single Product Shortcode

With Single Product Shortcode you can place single Product on post or page.

More information about the CM Product Directory WordPress  Plugin

Other WordPress products can be found at CreativeMinds WordPress Store

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