CM Product Directory (CMPD) - General Settings

General Settings

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Product Directory -> Settings.

Click on the General tab.

General Options

  • Product permalink - Enter a value in the box provided to choose a permalink for the product. Make sure you permalink setting is set (look for the under WordPress Admin Settings-> permalinks).
  • Show a warning for image size - Check yes or no for a warning on image size. Image size warning will show up once user tried to upload a new product image.
  • Show admin edit link - Check yes or no to add an admin edit link. Admin edit link will show for admin user only on the index page front-end near each product name.
  • Choose the default product image - Upload an image to use as the default image for the product. A very useful feature. In case the product didn't upload a image a default image will be show instead.

Additional Taxonomy Settings

Those options are for the plugins additional taxonomy - Pricing Model, Language Support and Target Audience. Check if you want to use a specific taxonomy on your page.

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