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Initial Plugin Installation

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Here are the steps needed to install the plugin.

  1. Download - To manually install the plugin, you first must download it from the  Client Dashboard (Pro version) to your computer. Navigate to the Plugin tab on the Wordpress Admin Panel to install the plugin.
  2. Hover over the Plugin tab and click on Add New.
  3. Select Upload from the options shown and find the file you downloaded.
  4. Install the plugin.
  5. Once the plugin is installed it will appear on the Plugin tab for you to activate and use.
  6. You will need next to activate the license. Navigate to the License section which is found under the CM Product Directory and add the License which you have received from CreativeMinds. Save it first and then activate it. A green label will shows that the plugin license was successfully activated.

More information about the CM Product Directory WordPress  Plugin

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