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Add Product

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Product Directory → Add Product.

Enter a product title in the provided box.

Write information about the product in the box provided. Add any media as well.

Product Tags

Enter values in the box provided to add to the product.

Product Categories

Check the boxes to add categories to the product listing. Same for Pricing Model, Language Support and Target Audience.

Product Details

  • Pitch - Enter a Product Pitch in the provided box 
  • Promoted option - Displays the product always at the top of every search results including on the Related Products list. Check this if you want to highlight a certain product.
  • Logo - The logo size must follow the defined size for the logo which is 400 by 400 px. You can restrict in the setting to only accept the defined logo size and reject bigger images.
    Starting from version 1.4.0, you can also set it as the featured image.

Featured Image

On the right panel you will find the Featured Image metabox, where you are able to set assign one image to represent the product in all thumbnails. This is useful if you would like it to be different than the one set in the logo field.

Product Image Gallery

Add as many pictures as you would like.

Product Videos

Add as many pictures as you would like.

Business Information

Add a product's business address and check the box to include the address on Google Maps. Setting the address as virtual will hide both the map and the address option.

Read more about integration with  Assigning Business Address Information to Product plugin.

Business Additional Information

Enter values in the boxes provided for social media profiles and product information. Any input field which will not have a value in it will not be show in the product page (also the label).

At the end of writing new Product scroll to the top and click on Publish button.

More information about the CM Product Directory WordPress  Plugin

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