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List View

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Navigate to the  Admin Dashboard → CM Product Directory → Settings.

Click on the  Directory Appearance tab.

In the first section set  List View as Current View.

Change the  heading level of the product name (this can be useful for SEO). In the example below, the product names will be inside h5 tags. Learn more about headings.

  • Display separator line - Whether you want to display separation line below each product.
  • Display rating - Whether you want to display rating for each product.
  • Display product pitch - Whether you want to display product pitch next to product title.

Select options for the  List View and save changes.

List View - Rating

To display rating go to the  CM Star Rating Settings tab.

First enable rating here to activate functionality and then go back to the  List View Settings to check if you want to display or hide rating.

List View - Display

Below: Example display of the view with all of the options displayed.

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