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List Options/Settings

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To access plugin options/settings, go to Options in the plugin dashboard. 

1) Plugin Options

In this section, there are several options for formatting and styling the curated lists. 

1.1) General Options

In general options, users can:

  • Number of columns - Edit the number of columns in the list.
  • Items per page - Set max number of links displayed per each page or leave it empty to exclude pagination.
  • Favicons display - Enable it to display favicons. Favicons are the icons next to each link.
  • Favicons local cache - If this is checked, favicons will be saved locally. This is not recommended for large lists with many favicons, as it can cause performance issues. 
  • No follow - Add rel="nofollow" to links to instruct search engine bots not to follow links for SEO purposes.
  • Open in a new window or tab - Enable links to open in a new window or tab.
  • Label for call now button - The label for a button that is displayed for items with phone number instead of URL. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.5. Learn more about this feature
  • Label for email now button - The label for a button that is displayed for items with email address instead of URL. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.5.

1.2) Search and Filter

There are also options for changing the search and filter function. Users can:

  • Show search and filter - Disable/enable showing a list search bar and category tabs for filtering.
  • Allow user to hide/show categories filter - Disable/enable allows user to hide some categories in categories filter.
  • Show additional information - Disable/enable showing additional information below the search field.

Search and Filter Labels

In the same section, it's possible to adjust the labels for:

  • Labels in the category filter:
    • Search input placeholder
    • "All" label
    • "category" label in the search input
  • Label for category search input
    • Search input label. Leave it blank to remove label
Additional information
  • Additional information format - Edit what information is shown under the search field using placeholders such as {last-update-date} (display list latest update), {links-count} (total number of links), and using HTML entities for formatting.

Here's an example of how using the update date and list count placeholders looks: 

Plugin users can also ascribe a tag for new content added or edited within a specific time frame. To do this, the tag must already be created in Tags. Then, select the tag to label new entries from the drop-down. To disable this feature, simply leave the dropdown empty. 

1.3) Links

Determine how links will be sorted. Choose from:
  • Name ascending
  • Name descending
  • Create date ascending
  • Create date descending
  • Edit date ascending
  • Edit date descending

1.4) Category

Choose who can view category by default. Choose from:

  • All users
  • Logged-in users only
  • Registered users with selected roles
  • Personal (category author) access only

TIP: Individual Category Access

You can set different view access for each category. When editing or creating a category, adjust the Category view access setting.


  • All (including logged off visitors)
  • Logged-in users
  • Registered users of certain roles defined by you
  • Category author
  • Default access (according to Category default view access)

1.5) Social Buttons

Displays the share button for a series of social networks.


  • Show social share buttons - Displays social buttons.
  • Show social share buttons in new line - If enabled, social share buttons will be shown in a new line.
  • Show social share buttons on mouseover - If enabled, social share buttons chain will be shown on mouse over share icon. If disabled, chain will be shown on click.
  • Social networks - Choose between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and Buffer.

1.6) Link Voting

Choose from:

  • Disabled - Visitors cannot vote
  • Only allow link likes - Allow visitors to like a link
  • Allow link upvote/downvote - Allow visitors to like or dislike a link

1.7) "New" Tag

This feature allows you to automatically add tag to new or just edited links for specific time. There is also a dropdown to select how "new" entries must be to have this tag (choose from 1 day to 3 months). 

In this example, any entry created or edited within 3 months will have the tag "Recent." To change the tag name or color, go to the Tags section. 

2) Plugin Appearance

In the plugin appearance tab, users can change settings related to category, link, and tooltip appearance. 

2.1) Categories

In the general categories appearance section, users can change

  • Font size - Category name font size (leave empty for default font size)
  • Text color - Category name text color (leave empty for default) 
  • Background color - General category background color (individual category background colors can be edited in Categories)

2.2) Links

  • Font size - Individual link entry font size (leave empty for default) 
  • Word-break option - Determine how word wraps will be applied in the link title. Available options are:
    • break-all;
    • break-word;
    • keep-all;
    • normal;
  • Find out more about word-break at developer.mozila
  • Link title color - Leave empty for default
  • Show description - Enable this option to display description under the link (if the link has description). Note: this feature was introduced in version 1.3.4.
  • Subtitle font size - Leave empty for default
  • Subtitle color - Leave empty for default 
  • Hover background color - This is the color that appears when a user hovers over the link entry. The default means no color change. For example, this is what the list looks like with a red hover background color: 
  • Tag-file links background color - Choose the color of the additional links you can include inside each link
  • Image height - Height of images in links (vertical - leave empty for auto size)
  • Image width - Width of images in links (horizontal - leave empty for auto size)
  • Video height - Height of videos in links (vertical - leave empty for auto size)
  • Video width - Width of videos in links (horizontal - leave empty for auto size)

  • Link opacity - Opacity of the link. Leave empty for default.
  • Show attachment icons - Show file-type icon of attached files.

2.3) Tooltips 

  • Show tooltips - Show tooltips on category filter. Learn more about it.
  • What display - Choose what to show in the tooltip:
    • Both - Show a category description and instruction text after.
    • Instruction text - Show the instruction text about how to use category filters. Text of the instruction can be changed in the option below.
    • Category description - Show the description of a category.

      Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.4.
  • Text - Change the text of the instruction in a tooltip. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.3.
  • Font size - Font size of tooltips. Leave empty for default.
  • Text color - Text color of tooltips. Leave empty for default.
  • Background color - This is the tooltip description shown when the reader hovers over a link.
  • Border color - Border color of tooltips. Leave empty for default.

2.4) Social networks Buttons

  • Button size - Size of the network buttons.
  • Button opacity - Opacity on the network buttons.

2.5) For Event list

The following options were introduced in the version 1.3.1. These options will work for the links with the set dates.

Learn more about creating the links: CM Curated List Manager (CMCLM) - Set Up - Adding Link Entries

The options are:

  • Show event date - Enable this option to display the date of adding the event.

  • Show sorting by event date - Enable this option to allow users sort events by the date.

  • Font size - Change the font size for the event date. Leave empty to use default.
  • Font style option - Change the font style for the event date. You can choose between normal and italic.
  • Text color - Change the color of the text for the event date.
    Example: Font size - 20px, Font style - italic, Text Color - red.

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