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Using Tags

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Along with categories and sub-categories, tags are another way for users to organize links and add important information. Readers are able to search for specific tags in the curated list to easily find what interests them. 

To create a manage tags, go to the Tags section in the plugin dashboard. 

Adding tags is easy. Simply name the tag and choose the tag color. 

Here's an example of what the tag looks like: 

Once created, the option to add the tag to links appears when creating or editing individual links. You can also add multiple tags for one link. 

There is also a dashboard where you can view and edit existing tags. 

Using Tags in Shortcode

You can show all information related to one or more tags in a shortcode

In the following way  [cm_list_manager tag=tag1,tag2,...]

make sure you use the slugs of the tags and not the names

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