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With the WordPress Curated Lists plugin, you can easily speed up process of adding new links to plugin list by using Bookmarklet feature.

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → Curated List Manager Pro → Options.

Navigation to the plugin settings - WordPress Content Aggregation
Navigation to the plugin settings

Below Shortcodes section you will see Bookmarklet button.

Bookmarklet button - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Bookmarklet button

Drag it and drop on the browsers bookmarks bar.

Adding bookmarklet button to the bookmarks bar - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Adding bookmarklet button to the bookmarks bar

Now, to add new links to the plugins list simply open page you want to add and click on Add This URL bookmark.

Using bookmarklet button - Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Plugin
Using bookmarklet button

Fill description field, choose category and click on Add New Link button to finish.

If you want to use part of content of adding page as description just select interesting part of text before using bookmarklet. Description will be filled with selected text.

Example of the added link - Content Curation Plugin
Example of the added link


If you can't drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks, click on the icon next to the Bookmarklet button to show the JS code.

Bookmarklet button - WordPress Plugin Content Curation
Bookmarklet button

Copy the following code and create a new bookmark. Paste the code into the new bookmark's URL field.

Bookmarklet embed code - WordPress Content Curation Plugin
Bookmarklet embed code

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