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Adding Link Entries

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Link entries are the content you are showcasing. These are URLs that direct site visitors to the specific content in a category. Entries don't have to contain URLs, but it certainly enhances the list and makes it more useful. 

To create a new entry, go to Links in the plugin tab.

Here, users can add new links and specify the name, subtitle, description, and link URL.  

The description is not shown in many themes, but will show as a tooltip, for example, in this list of  complete SEO resources

Users must also select a category for each link to organize them. Tags can be selected to organize further and provide more information about the link. There is also the option to create a checkbox next to the individual link that allows users to mark visited addresses. 

Below is an example of how the link appears. A small icon related to the link (in this example, it is a link to an amazon product) shows next to the name. The subtitle is "by Harper Lee" and appears below the link, along with the  Tag "recent." 

You can also add an image URL with each link. The image size is specified in the Plugin Appearance options. 

Here's an example of a list with an image: 

Here is a list example with multiple links from different websites. Note that different websites will show different icons. 

Users can also view and edit existing links in the Links section. This dashboard shows link name, description, URL, category, and tags. 

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