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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code.

Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use | Finding ID of Post/Page/Other Content

Curated List Manager Shortcode

You can include an entire list in a blog post or a website page using the shortcode 

  [cm_list_manager list=LIST_NAME]

where LIST_NAME is the slug of the list name. The actual name of the list won't appear, so the name can be arbitrary. 

You can also use list of slugs of lists, e.g.: [cm_list_manager list=list1,list2,...]

Here's what this looks like in a blog post titled "Top Books of 2015":

The option to use a shortcode that shows only a single category:  [cm_list_manager category=CATEGORY_NAME max_links=MAX_LINKS] where CATEGORY_NAME is the name attributed to the category and MAX_LINKS is an optional maximum number of links in a category shown. 

For example, here is a post showing only the "biographies" category: 

Using the shortcode incorrectly can result in an error such as this

Additional Filtering Parameters

You can further specify what content to show from the list. This is done by using the following parameters:
  • list - slug or series of list slugs.
  • category - slug or series of category slugs.
  • tag - slug or series of tag slugs.

Note that, in every case, the slug is used, and not the name of the list, category or tag.

You can use many parameters at the same time, as they work like filters. 


[cm_list_manager list=list1,list2 tag=tag1,tag2 category=category1]

This code will only display items which meet all these conditions:

  • from list1 and list2, 
  • which contain the tags tag1 and tag2,
  • and are inside category1

Display Update Date and Item Count

To display the date of last update and the total number of items in the list, use the attribute "showinfo=1".

The text can be adjusted in the settings.


  •  [cm_list_manager category=category1 showinfo=1]<br>

Changing The Maximum Number of Links

To overwrite global setting of max number of links, use the parameter max_links attribute (set 0 to remove limit) 


  [cm_list_manager category=category1 max_links=10].

Adding Description 

Starting from version 1.1.2, you can add a description by using the parameter "description"


[cm_list_manager list=list1 description="Description..."]

Adding Search Placeholder

Starting from version 1.1.2, you can add a placeholder in the search field by using the parameter "placeholder"


[cm_list_manager list=list1 placeholder="Search text...."]

Adding Scroll

Starting from version 1.1.5, you can enable scrolling to help with pagination by using the parameter "scroll". Note that scroll=1 enables it, scroll=0 disables it.

When it's enabled, clicking the pagination button will scroll the window to the top of the feed.


[cm_list_manager scroll=1]

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