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Using Email Or Phone Instead of Link

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It is possible to use an email address or a phone number instead of the destination URL to simplify user's interaction with the curated list. Users can call or send email by clicking on the relevant button. Note: the feature for adding a phone number was introduced in version 1.3.9.

How To Do This?

Navigate to Admin Dashboard → Curated List Manager Pro → Links.

While creating a new link, adding an email address or a phone number happens in the field URL.

To add an email, you need to put "mailto:" and the email address. There shouldn't be any spaces. 


To add a phone number, you need to put "tel:" and the phone. There shouldn't be any spaces.

Example: tel:+17775552368

The items with emails and phones instead of URLs will be marked with corresponding icons in the table of created links:


When users click on the email or phone on the front-end, they will see the buttons that allow to call or send email. You can edit the names of these buttons. 

To do this, navigate to Admin Dashboard → Curated List Manager Pro → Options → Plugin Options tab.

Under the General section find the following two options:

  • Label for call now button
  • Label for email now button

Note: these labels were introduced in version 1.4.5.

After editing these labels, don't forget to save the changes.


Clicking on the link shows the user a phone number or email and the buttons with a call-to-action.

Clicking on the button commits calling the phone or sending an email.

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