CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Adding Route Locations Markers

Adding Route Locations

In the Add a Route / Edit Route Page:

The Route Manager Plugin support two types of route markers:  "Locations" and "Waypoints". To learn how to add draw a route using waypoints, see  Drawing a Route article for more information.

To add a  Location navigate to the  Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Routes Manager  Routes.Then click on either the "Add Route" button or "Edit" for existing one (Hover over an existing route's Row to reveal the "Edit" option).

A location is a point of interest or a place you wish to describe. You can add text, add a name and add images to a Location. The location will appear as a label on the route and in the edit mode you will be able to add a description, images, and a name. If the location is inside a city, you can also edit the address.

To add a location click on "Add marker" button on the top of the map and then click on any point on the map to add a location.Clicking on another point will add another location and based on the travel mode selected also draw a route between the locations. You can keep adding locations in sequence to draw a route/trail.

In Edit mode the elevation will be displayed below the map if a route has been drawn. If you are in Add a route mode this will not be seen.

Below this are options for selecting your mode of transport on the map as well as key details about the route that has been plotted if a route has been drawn (Distance, time, Speed, Min Altittude, Peak altitude, Climb, Descent).

Below this again are fields for entering information for each location:

You can also remove a location on the map by clicking Remove

Locations can be moved by dragging and dropping the location icon on the map canvas or by changing the location's coordinates in the text input field.

On one map you can create both route and locations. Read  Drawing a Route to learn more.

Location Marker icons

It is possible to set various icons from a large selection included already with the plugin or alternatively to include custom Location Marker icons. To see more about adding custom icons see the  Documentation article for this.

To change the icon for a Marker on the Create or Edit page for a route, scroll down to the list of Locations. Click on the " Set icon" button.

A menu will appear with all of the stock icons that are available to choose from. Select the icon that you would like to use.

The icon can be removed by selecting the " Remove icon" button next to the "Set icon" button.

To change the size of the icon as it will appear on the map click on the " Icon size" drop down menu.

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