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Adding Route Locations

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Location Markers are points of interest of a route.

Markers appear as a label on the route and each has its own add icon, description, images, and a name. If the location is inside a city, you can also edit the address.

Location Marker

Adding a Marker

When adding or editing a route, you will be able to manage its location markers.

To add a location click on "Add marker" button on the top of the map and then click on any point on the map to add a location.

Clicking on another point will add another marker.

What Is Shown When Clicking a Marker

Each location marker has a series of fields for entering information.

You can choose if clicking the marker will trigger an info window and, if so, what the content should be. For example:

To do so, navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Route Manager  Settings. Click on the Route Page tab. (Learn more in the settings article)

You control what will appear by adding placeholders. This allows the add-on to show different information depending on the marker.

Below is a table with all fields and their respective placeholders.

Location Markers Fields
Field Name Placeholder Note
Location name [title]
GPS Coordinates [latitude], [longitude] Fetched automatically
Address [address] Fetched automatically
Link Title [linktext] Example: "Website Title"
Link URL [linkurl] Example: ""
Description [description] You can enable rich text formatting from the Dashboard Settings
Images [image], [imagesrc] You can add one or multiple. The placeholder will always display the first one
Video - Add a video URL or YouTube URL


Some ways you can manipulate placeholders:
  • Clickable link - set [linkurl] as the link of [linktext]. You can do this with the visual editor or with the HTML editor.
    • HTML - Copy the snippet <a href="[linkurl]">[linktext]</a>
    • Editor - Note that this method will automatically add http, making the link <a href="<em>http://</em>[linkurl]">[linktext]</a>. If the links don't work, it's likely that this http:// is invalidating them, so please try removing it
  • Image
    • Use the [image] placeholder to simply show the image
    • Customize the image using [imgsrc] and HTML. Example snippet: <a href="[linkurl]" <img src="[imagesrc]" style="float: left; padding-right: 10px;"></a>


Choose a set or a custom one and define its size. Read more in the specific Documentation article

Moving Location Markers 

Location Markers can be moved by dragging and dropping the location icon on the map canvas or by changing the location's coordinates in the text input field.

Removing Location Markers

You can also remove a location on the map by clicking Remove.

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