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Using Custom Icons and Colors

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It is possible to add custom icons to maps and to customize the color of the route.

Setting the color of the route

Setting the color of the route can be done either upon first Creating the route or later through the Edit route.

Custom colors can be set either using the color wheel, RGB sliders, entering RGB values, using hex color values, using color pallets, using the spectrum tool, or using the popular web colors shown in the pastel tab.

Setting Custom Icons

Custom icons can be chosen from a predefined list of icons available for each location you define on the map using the location icon selection.

After clicking on the " Set icon" button a long list of available icons will appear. These default icons are 64 x 64 pixels images.

Adding your own Icons

The admin can enter additional icons by adding their URLs. Navigate to   Settings  General tab  Icons.

The admin needs to add each separate icon using a unique URL and add a new line between the icon URLs, as shown:

Additionally, make sure to enable the option to " Enable custom icon per location" which is found in Settings  Route Page tab  Appearance.

After adding the icons they will be found in the Add Icon dropdown menu, as shown below:

How the custom icons may appear on the map:

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