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With the WordPress Travel Map plugin you can configure the routes creation and edition page. To change its settings, navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Route Manager Pro Settings. Click on the Dashboard tab.

Dashboard settings - WordPress Plugin Show Route
Dashboard settings

Add route default settings

Define the default setting for new routes. Includes:

  • Measurement system
  • Weather for each individual location
  • Directional arrows for trail paths
  • Locations section under the map for single route pages
  • Path outline
  • Path outline color (this option was introduced in version 4.8.2)
Add route default settings - Route Display WordPress
Add route default settings


General settings - Route Display Plugin
General settings


  • Enable rich text editor - Toggles between the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and the simple text area.
Editor settings - WordPress Plugins For Travel Website
Editor settings


  • Editor default location's latitude - The default latitude that the editor will zone in on when creating routes.
  • Editor default location's longitude - The default longitude that the editor will zone in on when creating routes.
  • Editor default zoom - Sets the default zoom level for the editor. 0 is the most zoomed out, 18 is the most zoomed in.
  • Default travel mode - Set's the default mode of travel. Choices are walking, bicycling, driving and direct.
  • Show travel mode select in the editor - Toggle's whether or not to allow travel mode select while creating routes.
  • Trails stroke weight - Define the stroke's weight for the trail, in pixels.
Map settings - WordPress Plugins For Travel Blogs
Map settings

Route Parameters

Defines which parameters will be visible when creating or editing a route.

Route parameters settings - Travel Map WordPress Plugin
Route parameters settings


  • Create starting point marker for imported routes - Creates a marker for the first coordinate of a path upon import.
  • Create ending point marker for imported routes - Creates a marker for the last coordinate of a path upon import.

    Importing settings - Add WordPress Plugin Of Travel Map
    Importing settings

Info window

Choose locations to make the info window auto-open - When enabled, lets the user select the locations which will trigger the info window automatically.

Info window settings - WordPress + Map Show Route Between Markers
Info window settings

In the front-end, the option will appear on the edit box for each location marker, as highlighted:

Opening info window by default - WordPress Travel Map Plugin
Opening info window by default

If the option is enabled, the info window will appear by default when loading the route, as highlighted:

Info window opened by default - WordPress Plugin Show Route
Info window opened by default


  • Choose locations to generate waze button - Toggles whether or not to allow users to generate the Waze button.


  • Show user's position using browser's geolocation - Toggles whether or not to display the user's location using. Requires HTTPS.
  • Center map to user's location - Uses the web browser's geolocation API to center the map in the user's location.

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