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Resolve a Question Tread

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The CM Answers pro plugin supports the option for authors of questions to mark a question thread as resolved. The admin can also determine if users can continue to post answers to resolved threads. 

Enable Resolved Threads

To enable this option, navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Answers PRO  Settings.

Click on the Thread page.

Under the Questions section, the admin can allow authors to resolve their own question threads.

Under the Answers section, you can disable the option for users to post answers to a resolved thread.

Click here to learn about how admins can also allow authors to delete their own questions.

Resolving questions in the backend

Select Questions from the plugin menu. In the list of questions, hover over the question you would like to mark as resolved. Select Mark as resolved:

Resolving questions on the frontend

On the front end, a button will be visible below the question:

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