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Creating Processing Intervals With WP Crontrol

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What is This Feature?

Within RSS Post Importer and Curated RSS Aggregator you can choose how often every feed is updated, in what is called Processing interval. Note: In RSS Post Importer there is also an option Fetch interval.

RSS Post Importer and Curated RSS Aggregator come with many options of processing intervals, such as every day, every week and so on. But you can create custom ones by using a separate plugin, WP Crontrol.

Where Do I Set The Processing Interval?

In RSS Post Importer you choose fetch and processing intervals in the first step of adding feeds.

Setting up the fetch and processing intervals - RSS Feed Importer WordPress Plugin
Setting up the fetch and processing intervals

Almost the same in Curated RSS Aggregator, you choose in while creating a Category:

Setting up the processing interval - Curated RSS Aggregator
Setting up the processing interval

TIP: New Dropdown Value

In practice, we are showing how to add new values to this dropdown.

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Using WP Crontrol to Add Intervals

Firstly, install WP Crontrol.

Then, head to Admin Dashboard → Settings → Cron Schedules. In this screen you can add a schedule from the Add Cron Schedule area. 

The "Display name" is the name that will be shown in the dropdown.

Managing Cron Schedules - RSS Importer WordPress
Managing Cron Schedules


Here we create an interval of two days (172,800 seconds), meaning the RSS feed will be updated every two days.

Creating new Cron schedule - WordPress RSS Multi Importer Plugin
Creating new Cron schedule

As a result, we can now set this processing interval to any feed in RSS Post Importer in options Fetch interval and Processing interval:

End result - RSS Feeds Importer Plugin
End result

And in Curated RSS Aggregator in the option Feed processing interval:

End result - Curated RSS Aggregator
End result

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