RSS Post Importer - Set Up - 1) Adding a Feed

Step 1 - Adding a Feed

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Video Tutorial - Getting Started With RSS Post Importer

Step by step

  1. Adding The Feed.
  2. Choosing How The Plugin Will Handle The Feed. Involves keywords that will be excluded, date limit, and more.
  3. Choosing How The Plugin Will Handle Each Post. Involves word limit and HTML removal.
  4. Choosing Where and How Will The Feeds Be Posted. Involves post status, tags, categories, featured image, excerpt, author and more.

To begin adding a feed, head to WP Admin → CM RSS Importer Pro → RSS Feeds. Then, click the button Add RSS Feed.

The General settings allow the Feed to begin importing and offer some blunt controls for the overall importing of the feed, before the nitty gritty settings that follow.

  • Feed URL - The source URL of the feed. (e.g. http://example.com/music/charts/topfourty.rss) Make sure the source you are trying to import is a valid RSS feed. You can check this by using the "validate" link. Also please visit our troubleshooting guide as some sites block importing posts from their site.
  • Pause Fetching - Check this box to temporarily disable the RSS Post importer plugin from importing any more posts from this RSS Feed.
  • Reimport - Should you change some settings that determine how feeds are imported or Posts are created this setting allows for the RSS feeds to be reimported according to the new settings.
  • Processing Interval - How often the plugin will run and import any new RSS content added. If you set this number to run frequently this may slow your site depending on the number of posts available on the source site. Make sure you understand the impact of the frequency on your site's performance.
  • User Agent - Allows control over the User Agent signature applied to the RSS request. This can be a useful way to bypass RSS request blocks to certain devices. This setting just overwrites the generic setting for all feeds.

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