RSS Post Importer - Set Up - 2) Choosing What's Important in the Feed

Step 1 - Adding a Feed

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Video Tutorial - Getting Started With RSS Post Importer

Step by step

  1. Adding The Feed.
  2. Choosing How The Plugin Will Handle The Feed. Involves keywords that will be excluded, date limit, and more.
  3. Choosing How The Plugin Will Handle Each Post. Involves word limit and HTML removal.
  4. Choosing Where and How Will The Feeds Be Posted. Involves post status, tags, categories, featured image, excerpt, author and more.

2) Choosing How The Plugin Will Handle The Feed (Processing Conditions) 

  • Avoid entries with exact same title - Skips importing RSS items with the same title as items already imported.
  • Fetch Limit - The limit to the number of RSS posts that the Plugin will fetch from the source. Even if the source has more posts the plugin will only import the amount set. If you don't set any limit it will import everything.
  • Since date limit - The limit to how far back the RSS Post Importer will search back for posts to add. The since date s relevant to the date which appears in the original post metadata (when the post was written). This is an optional filter and, if not set, no timeframe limit will be set when importing posts.

    The format used in this case can be a specific date - for example 2017-05-01 or a text describing how many days back from current day to fetch article in the following format.
  • Until date limit - The upper date limit or until when the RSS Post Importer plugin will search for posts to add using the original date shown in the pst metadata. (both the 'Since date limit' and the 'Until date limit' will search without limits if left empty).
  • Match keywords (comma separated) - Will import posts only if they contain the keywords defined in this text area.
    This is an important feature which lets you filter the posts you are importing based on keywords found in the post content. You can list many keywords and if ONE of the keywords is found the post will be imported
  • Exclusion keywords (comma separated) - Will import posts only if they do not contain keywords defined in this text area.

    You can list many keywords in this list. In case only ONE of the exclusion keywords will be found the post will not be imported.

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