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Extras - Letting Users Ask and Answer With Nicknames

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It's possible to let logged-in users ask and answer questions anonymously. They can also choose a nickname each time.

TIP: Different From Guest Questions

This setting allows logged-in users to post anonymously.

If you would like non-registered users to participate in the forum, check the Answers Anonymous User Posting add-on.


User posted a question using the nickname "Secret User". It's not possible to click the name to see the user profile.

The same user posted a question without choosing a nickname. The default "Anonymous" was used (you can change the default via the labels settings, as explained below).

Enabling Settings

To enable comments, head to Settings → Threads.

There are two settings:

Which Option to Pick?

The two options are independent and don't combine with each other. So, it's recommended to choose only one of them

  1. Users ask anonymously - Lets users choose "Ask anonymously" before adding a question or answer.
  2. User post anonymously with nickname - Lets user choose a nickname when posting. While this setting is active, all questions and answers are anonymous.

Example Form With Both Settings

Disabling Features

Disabling the features will reveal all user names that posted anonymously.


The nickname setting includes new labels to be translated. You can quickly check them by searching "anonymous" in the settings and heading to the Labels tab.

  • Thread - Affects user information after their question or answer
    • user_nickname - The default name when a user does not choose an anonymous nickname
  • Posting - Affects the question form 
    • ask_anonymously label - Field where user chooses to be or not anonymous
    • nickname_field - Field where user selects the nickname

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