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Using The Plugin

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This guide introduces the WordPress Search Engine Plugin and its features.


The plugin boosts WordPress search.

1) Advanced Rules

It boasts three overall improvements

  • Redirect -  Whenever a user searches for a certain word in the search bar, he/she will be redirected to an internal URL of your choice. Learn more:
  • Replace - Whenever a user searches for a certain word in the search bar, that word will be replaced with another. Learn more:
  • Auto Suggest - The search box will suggest certain terms based on what what the user is searching. Learn more:
  • Ban - Users will be denied from searching certain terms. Optionally, you can block IP addresses that performed blocked searches. Learn more:

2) Search Log

It also includes a search log, that shows all the performed searches with additional information.

Learn more: Search Log

3) Excluding Specific Pages from Being Searched

Since the version 1.2.2 it is possible to exclude posts, pages or any other custom post types from being searched. Learn more about it in this use case: WordPress Search Engine Plugin - Use Case - How to Exclude Specific Pages From Being Searched

More information about the WordPress Search Engine Plugin

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