WordPress Search Engine Plugin - Checking and Adding Banned IPs

Checking and Banning IPs

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What is This Feature

The Banned IPs dashboard shows you a list of all IP addresses that searched for banned terms.

Learn more about banning terms: Ban From Search.

Accessing Feature

To manage banned IPs in the WordPress Search Engine Plugin, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Search Tools → Banned IPs.

Navigation to the list of banned IPs - WordPress Search Bar Plugin
Navigation to the list of banned IPs

Banned IPs Dashboard

The dashboard shows a sorted list of IP addresses, which can be filtered. It lists IP, access count and date.

You can easily tick "Banned" to block that IP. This creates a block rule for that IP (Learn more: Ban From Search)

Banned IPs log - WordPress Search Suggestions
Banned IPs log

Location Check Shortcut

Hover the mouse near an IP address to display the Check IP location shortcut.

Checking IP location - WordPress Search Form Plugin
Checking IP location

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